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Rupandehi, Nepal 
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• Pillar Cock • Bib Cock • Angle Cock • Long Body • Long Nose • Concealed • Sink Cock...

Lisara Excel will be assured of an ultimate experience every time.

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Lisara Royal Shower Panels make showering much more convenient

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Corsa Design For those seeking wellness in the comfort of their homes

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Lisara Products Beyond Your Imagination

Company Overview

The Lisara Sanitary Industries Pvt. Ltd. believes “Customer Satisfaction is our Satisfaction”. So, It manufactures genuine & unique items and provides extra facility to customers. The company produces different series of CP bathroom fitting items with the help of highly experience manpower. Lisara Sanitary provides CP bathroom fitting items. It offer low cost product to all segments of customer.


Lisara Sanitary prides itself on providing quality CP bathroom fitting to the millennial generation of consumers at competitive prices through creative marketing techniques in Local County and the surrounding counties. The Company provides CP bathroom fitting to its customers using a friendly, knowledgeable.


• Pillar Cock
• Bib Cock
• Angle Cock
• Long Body
• Long Nose
• Concealed
• Sink Cock
• Swan Neck
• 2 in 1 Angle Cock
• 2 in 1 Long Body
• 2 in 1 Big Cock
• Central Hole
• Sink Mixer
• Wall Mixer Telephonic
• Wall Mixer 3 in 1
• Wall mixer L Band
• Shower
• Extension Nipple

Lisara showers fit into your coordinated design and installation. Lisara are designed to deliver a range of experiences, to let you have a shower of your choice every time. Our over head, hand and body showers complement a wide range of shower systems, catering to your unique showering habits, design and installation requirements. LIsara showers give you a choice of 4 different flows matching your mood. Whichever flow you chose, you will be assured of an ultimate experience every time.

Lisara faucets provide a great experience with their high quality and high performance. Lisara’s passion for perfection reflects in the 7 years of warranty it extends on its faucets. The faucets comprise of 18 ranges to suit various design needs, besides a complete range of faucets in single-lever, quarter turn and multi-turn operation.